Advance Technology in Japan

Japan is one of the most advance country in technology and that it maintains the rank of being the third riches country in the world. It is not surprising when you see amazing works of technology in Japan. Japan, North Korea and China are the three countries in Asia hero of technology.

Japan demonstrated their advancement in technology by inventing the world’s fastest train running for about 600 kph. This is the Shinkansen train. It can never be compared with other trains in the world.

Glass from Nippon Electric Glass Industry is one of the most amazing works of technology in Japan. This glass is just like a plastic cover that can be bent and flipped. If you are going to light a fire to burn the plastic cover, the plastic will be burned. However, this glass that has a thickness of 0.33 mm, does not burn because it is real glass. You can use it as a cover for tables or windows since you this gives an amazing result to protect your table and things.

Their is advancement in bridges and highways in the country. You can only see a revolving bridge in the country for boat and land vehicle purpose. Truly engineering in Japan is unimaginable.

There are amazing toilet bowls in Japan that you can see in amazing houses. The toilets are highly advanced that you can just press buttons as if you are pressing vending machines only. There are a lot of thing to say in their toilet.

Because of the Automotive technology in Japan, cars are also advance that could actually defeat all luxurious cars in the world. It is not too much to say if they will be the number one most advanced country in terms of technology.