Traveling to explore the Japanese biggest morning market

The location of the country of Japan is perfect when it comes to the seafood industry as they can fish and have many kinds to be able to satisfy the market. They have already developed their own system and own way of cooking food. One of the markets located there is well known and it is called morning market and it is the biggest in that area. It is not within the city so you have to travel to get there.  Let us see the video.

As you can see it is very interesting as the hotel they stayed is also like a theater and a market because there are stalls that sell especially the apple fruit as it is one of their products. You can also look around to see the artworks that they have and you could see it differently at night when they light them up. They have a very good experience before they prepare for their mission to see the biggest market in Japan in the busy morning.

It seems you also experience what is in their when you see the video as they give you an actual footage of what they did. If you love seafood then you can try many. It just depends on what kind of fish you want. There are chickens also and ramen, as you have seen in the video and there, was even a car for sale. I think it is really a great adventure that you should not miss. In making your wedding day at its best, you need to get a designer for your wedding dress. Jasmine brides dress is the best brand to choose. It is because the clothing style and design in totally unique and most people are choosing this bridal company.

The top 10 tips to learn before traveling to Japan

Learning about a country or place before going is really recommended as you can be rude without even knowing it. To avoid being that you should know things that you should do and should not do. It makes better when you learn some of their languages especially the greetings as it is natural wherever you go to greet someone. So before you travel to Japan you should watch the video below to know what to prepare so that you are ready and would not be lost.

One of the tips really is the language. If you are going there alone and you do not know any Japanese words then you might have difficulty. You can buy a book to guide you or research on the internet so that you could have preparation on what to expect and what to do. Going to a new place is not easy as you do not know how safe it is so it is also better to do research about that for safety reason.

If you watch the whole video you can understand the ten things that were given as a tip so you could have confidence when you travel to Japan. One of the practices that they have is to bring gifts when you will visit someone. It is part of the culture. You can get them at the train station as they usually sell their sweets packed in good packaging so it is ready to be given as a gift.

The 11 ways to understand the Japanese doing business

Japan is one of the famous places on earth because of its many contributions to the society that includes arts, inventions, technology and much more. The Japanese people were also put into highlight when the disaster happened in the country. Now they recover and the traces are slowly being erased so that they can move on totally. But there are many things that you have to learn about Japanese doing business. Or how they do their work. You will find it interesting and amusing by the video below.

The video above present what is the work environment like in Japan. The Japanese people are well known for their diligent work that even if they have to take overtime unpaid they would do so. Now there is a rising concern about the worker’s welfare as it is becoming common to see workers sleeping in the public transportation because of lack of sleep and due to fatigue. If you will work in Japan, it is important that you know their work culture as they can be totally different from what you practice.

Respect is one that is very important in Japan and that it is always shown in their actions. An example is that they must open the elevator for the boss always when he will ride it. There are eleven ways that were illustrated in the video above and it will help you when you learn all of them. Even if words are Japanese but it can be understood. The moment when you get married is one of the happiest day of your life. The very special day in your life wherein you will marry the man that you love. You will wear also the wedding dress that you always dream of before.

The top 10 beautiful and amazing trains you can find in Japan

One of the main transportation that they use here is the trains and due to technology, they are really advanced in functions and features. If you have tried riding one already then I am sure you have a good experience. Other countries can not compete with the trains that the country of Japan has. So today let us see the ten considered beautiful trains that are found here in Japan. You can see the actual images or videos of the train thanks to the uploader.

Here you can see that the number one in the list is the Odakyu. The different angles are presented in the video. It seems to travel effortlessly with the good design of the front and back portion that it looks like it is just gliding. Next is the Kintetsu train. The inside of it is shown in the video and it looks very relaxing. The third is Shinkansen that has a very nice design like a fish or dolphin and the inside has the same color of the outside that is very nice to see.

These are just the examples of the beautiful trains in Japan. If you watch the video then you will all know the complete list of ten trains. You would see how beautiful they are. They have an inspiring design and they are very good in quality. Many people want to ride with them because of their beauty but as they cannot, they just take pictures and make a video.

The 5 art museums you can visit while in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan

If you love the art then surely you ill love to go to the museum as you can see amazing displays of works of arts. The museum is one of the attractions a place can offer. They are a [place where many people can also gather and around the world there are different kinds of museums. In one museum they can feature one specific work of arts like all are related to space or about marine life. In the area of Roppongi located in Tokyo, Japan there is five museum.

You can visit these five museums when you visit this place as you can see five different museums. If you love museum you can make them their priority list to visit then go to other places that are near it so you can also explore at the same time other places to visit like beach or mountain. Japan has a good economy but still, there are people who feel outcast. It is one of the disadvantages of the development of a country.

But the country tries also its best to take care of its citizen by providing them with what they see as a need that they should fulfill. One of them is trough the works of arts that they can give through the museums. Many works of arts serve as a healing to the soul of many people. They are like a song that gives them comfort and tries to connect to their emotions.



The business etiquette practice in the 4 countries in the Asian continent

A business etiquette is very important to learn because you are going surely to another country to strike a deal or get a good contract. That is why you should learn what to do so that your purpose would be successful. There are many writings about it and now also video about the business etiquette that can be easily accessed so we also should not forget them and practice them. Here is the infographic where the business etiquette to be followed is illustrated.

Here you can see and learn about the business etiquette of four countries. They are all from Asia but have specific rules or etiquette to follow.  Each country has their own feature and practice. You can see in the first part that the first country being featured is Japan. One of the common tips that are given to Japan is the holding out of calling cards. You should use your two hands to give and receive calling cards. In dining with them, you should also take note of the four things to consider.

The next country is China that focuses on what you could do to be able to be worthy to represent your company and what could you offer to them. You can practice it by giving expensive gifts and also letting them know that you understand some of the cultures of the country and its people. All is written in the infographic so you just need to read them so that you could use it. There is something that you must learn when you are looking for a good way to grow your business. SEO tactics is recommended for you to make your services online be widely known and top in the market. Digital marketing services is a good way for you to success.

The 11 Japanese holidays you should know when working there

There are many people who work in Japan that came from other countries. They have been given an opportunity to be able to work and also explore the land that offers many adventures. The people itself are fun and good to be friends at. The country and the people have their own way to interact and help each other to be able to survive. The country seems to be always busy like other countries that were labeled as one that does not sleep.

The infographic is a guideline so you could be able to make your planning ahead. If you are the type that wants to go home in his hometown once in a while it is important that you have this knowledge so you can plan specifically. If you are the one who wants to go have the time of exploration then you can use the time to be able to travel around the country and immerse yourself in the local culture. Or you can use this time to chat with your family members or loved ones.

There is eleven list of holidays above and you can be able to see what would be applicable to you. knowing the list of holidays is also important because if you want to travel outside the country then you will have an idea when to do it. These are spread or scattered around one year so you could be able to prepare your activities in different months. Our mother is very special in everything as they raised us with many hardships. So, on our wedding day, we want the best Mother of the Bride gowns for them. So that they can feel our love to them eventhough we are getting married.

The top 10 tallest buildings in Japan symbolizing prosperity and success

Buildings in this times are being built with the help of technology so that its planning construction would be done in the earliest possible time and with the quality that is expected from it. There are buildings that were already built that are said to be earthquake proof. As Japan is prone to earthquake like the one that triggered the tsunami it is important to build buildings that are safe from them so as not to cause disaster and accidents. Let us see the video.

Here you have seen the ten places or buildings that were already built and they are the ones that are considered as tallest in Japan. Japan has many dreams to built many high buildings and also towers to make a mark in the industry. They are showing how technology helped them to be where they are now. Japan has enough wealth to be able to function well. The tallest buildings are the symbol of it and they are becoming tourists attractions also. If you want to visit them then it is very nice.

You do not need to be as close to them because sometimes they are crowded and the other places are restricted and you cannot just go there. One of the things that you can do is to go to the nearest places where you can talk a look at them and picture them. You do not need to pay anything you just take your time to explore them. The solution for your hunger is to eat in a buffet restaurant where most people go. The 外燴點心 buffet king restaurant makes every dishes perfect in taste. This restaurant have been serving people for many years and many people really like this, it’s website is written in Asian character as you can see.

Understanding the Official Religion of Japan

Have you ever wondered what the official religion of Japan is? Actually, the official religion in Japan is Buddhism. Buddhism was brought to the nation around 500 CE and was made popular there. What is shocking is that upon introduction of the religion, they accepted it as soon as they heard it. The teachings of Buddhism came from Buddha in India. What do you know about Buddha? According to history, Buddha founded teachings and many followed him. The most famous teaching is the golden rule.

In fact, Buddhism as a religion that has been passed down to generations has been modified so each Buddhist nation has different beliefs and traditions. Others have already made their own teachings but carry it out as a Buddhist teaching. Since Buddhism has been spread through out Asia, there are countless Buddhist Teachings distinct from the original Buddhism. Korea is another Buddhist country that gained influence from the Japanese empire. Unlike Korea, Japan did not fully accept Christianity as a religion in the country.

Now, Buddhism in Japan is still very strong and you can verify it by seeing many Shrines that they serve. They never neglect their rituals for their beliefs. When Japan colonized Korea during the Korean war from 1945 to 1953, they forced Koreans to bow down to Buddhism since in those days, Christianity was taking its root. Despite this, they had no choice but to follow the Japanese order otherwise they will die. Until this very moment, Japanese revere this religion and they are very proud that they have this as a bond of the nation.

5 Japanese Culture You will Praise in Japan

If you are going to another nation. What are the things that you will love from it? As a traveler, here are the things that you will like.

Culture Ties. It is good to look at people who are loyal to their culture but does not despise other’s culture. In Japan, normally, people can accept anybody from another nation. However, they try to know their culture in order to respect them. On the other hand, they want their culture to be respected since they respect other’s culture.

In the past, they were ethnocentric, but now they are trying to make a difference especially the young generation of Japan. Of course, it is not expected that the older generation could break the idea of ethnocentrism.

Cleanliness. Japanese people value cleanliness that much. Of course, cleanliness is the most needed thing in daily life.

Food. You will love their food such as sushi. They also adapted food from other nationalities and cook them to serve foreigners in the city.

Bowing. The culture of bowing is a sign of respect.

For other nationality, bowing will be a little bit awkward since it seems like you are treated as a high person though you are not.

Thankfulness. In Japan’s culture, thankfulness should not be forgotten. You can see this in businesses between staff and customers. The staff really greet their customers well and make them happy before they leave. They consider their customers as friends. If a staff does not greet well and says good bye properly, she or he is considered rude and impolite.